7 Best Slider Add-ons For WordPress Sites

By | May 21, 2019

Do you want to create the most successful and attractive WordPress web design? Then you should make use of the sliders that are robust and have multiple features and effects.

What is slider:

The slider is used these days to present the images, videos, and content to the audience effectively. For this, you just have to embed the required slider on the home page. This makes it easy to highlight important content, coupons and any other offer at the beginning of the website and this works best for e-commerce websites. Clients get a lot of access and can read vital things easily when we use these slides.

There are many sliders that are used these days to bring the unique presence to the website and you can select the best of these seven.

Here Are List Of  Slider ADD-ON For WordPress

1. Avartan Slider Lite:

Get the best sliders that are compatible with all browsers and these are compatible with SEO to get the additional advantage. You can slide them with a touch. Add extra life to the slide with the mouse cursor, the shadow of the slider, the use of bullets, arrows, and navigation through it. You can even order the slides and delete the things that you think are no longer necessary. You can check with the preview and add the multiple elements, the widgets and the slides are ready for the transition to many languages.

2. Huge IT Slider:

Now you can slide all the YouTube videos and the Vimeo sliders and it is also very easy to design the slides. You can use the drag and drop functionality. As this add-on is responsive, end users will be happy to see the slide on any device. This slider also supports HTML and one can make use of the unlimited slider on a single page. No problems, even after publication, you can select the functions and change the order of the slides.

3. Sliding cyclone 2:


This is the most preferred and easy-to-use slider that adjusts to the beginning of the slide once you finish viewing the whole set. You can easily set up a slide show in minutes by selecting the templates. There are possibilities to change the size of the options and you can even adjust the quality of the slide. There are many options to customize the slide show according to the interests of the clients. You can even get benefits by adding many more templates.

4. Slider WD:

Give the touch of multiple transition effects and then let the people who use these slides enjoy playing music. You can even add some shortcodes, set the time for transition effects and change the images using the bullets. There are many other response characteristics that people like. The customization of the designs is simple and without problems, you can even go for the duplication of slides.

5. GIGA Slider:

If your slide show needs multiple design support, you must select this slider add-on that has almost hundreds of transition effects. This add-on works in all browsers and you can even use it to pause, automatically start the slide show. You can even add the still images like the logo or any other element. There are no problems with slow loading and there is a scope to set the start and end time of the slide show.

6. Meta Slider:

Create slides that are useful to improve the online presence of the website, since you can make the slides optimized and responsive with this add-on. It is after making the complete presentation, it is very easy to rearrange the slides. Give a unique presence by cropping the images and you can even add effects as all the images are used to make the slides.

7. Slider by Supsystic:

This is the most sensitive slider that is used by many people to make use of images, videos in the form of sliders. You do not need to have any programming skills to use this efficiently, which is why many website owners rely on this slider. There is a scope to create the thumbnail and the subsequent feed slider. There are many galleries that you can upload to the website easily and in less time. You can even add titles to the slides.

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