7 Domain Name Buying Tips for New Bloggers

Domain Name is not merely virtual post address to you and your website, but they are just more than that. They showcase your website core value and relevancy with visitor. So if you are going to register any domain that will showcase your presence online, think twice before registering anything. And to help you, here are some domain name buying tips that you should take into consideration.

  1. Keep it Relevant

Choose a domain name which showcases your real identity and not your business type. Like if you are owner of some small fast food chain in us, instead of having domain like fast-food-in-usa.com, you should consider domain name like company-name.com Though some SEO experts advise you to this, but in real terms it only give you boost for very short period of time and not work in long run.

  1. Keep it Short

Though you can register domain name as long as of having 63 characters but it is not relevant when come to real life usage. As most of internet users like domain names which are easy to remember and short in length. So they can type your website address and find you.

  1. .COM/.NET/.ORG

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about domain names. So the answer is .COM for businesses, because they simply represent that you are here for actual business, and not for some random talk.ORG for organizations, as they give intriguing feeling of some organization, NET for forums, discussion platforms and as alternative to .COM and .ORG. And if you are blogger, .COM is advisable and if you are registering a domain name for personal use, TLD actually does not matter.

4. Avoid Trademarks

Though if you are some Microsoft Certified Dealer, you are not supposed to register Microsoft-certified-dealer.com. One because it gives you spam feeling, because anyone would not actually buy such domain name’s to showcase his business online. Second, it can bring you some legal troubles because it infringes the company trademark.

  1. Ask Friends

When you have vanity of multiple options, it actually confuses you, so in such case ask your friends to help you out and what will be work.6. To go or not to go with Premium Domain Names.

Sometime we are not able find the exact match domain name that we are looking for. And they are actually listed among premium domain names i.e. domain names for sale. So in such case, do not buy any name which is out of your budget and go for alternatives like .Net, .Org, or “the + your company name” or some positive word + your company name. Otherwise it’s OKAY.7. Twitter or Facebook URLs (Only for Pro bloggers and other Professionals)

Going to start a new blog and want to have domain name for your brand new blog. But before registering any domain name, also check Facebook or Twitter URLs are available or not. Because you are supposed to have same Facebook and Twitter URLs similar to your domain name. So think twice before hoping into any name.

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