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How to Add Your Home or Office Address on Google Map

By | April 21, 2019

Advertisement Google Maps lets users create their own maps that others can contribute to. You can publicly add places, like a business or landmark, to the Google Map. On some devices, you can also add the address of a house or apartment.  Maps can be private, editable by invite only, or allow public edits. To add… Read More »

List of Shortcut key of Computer

By | April 21, 2019

Advertisement In today’s time, most people use computers or laptops, but very few people use shortcut keys, today we are telling you about eight shortcut keys which will make it easy for you to work in a computer or laptop. . Read carefully and remember. Most people use Ctrl + C to copy text, but… Read More »

Smart phone Advantages And Disadvantages

By | April 18, 2019

Advertisement Know the 10 advantages and disadvantages of mobile, you will be shocked to know As you all know, today mobile has become an essential part of our lives. If you ask someone about the benefits of mobile phones, then they will probably count on a lot of benefits. But only a few people will… Read More »

Top 10 Hidden Features in Redmi Fone.

By | April 16, 2019

Advertisement Hello friends, the new secret code of mi mobile phone. You know, this number will be available in this mobile keypad and you will get full information about your mobile phone immediately. Xiaomi is a privately owned company that designs, develops, and sells smartphones, an Android-based OS, and other consumer electronics. Advertisement Xiaomi also… Read More »