Google is shuting Down Inbox By Google On This Date

By | April 22, 2019

Technology company Google’s Inbox by Gmail will be completely shut down from April 2. This service was started in 2014. Google’s popular mobile app will also be completely shut down like Google Plus. Google last year had decided to discontinue this popular mobile app. If you are still using this popular inbox feature, you may be getting shut down notifications.

This popular mobile app will also be shut down on April 2 alongside Google Plus. This feature will find some features of Inbox by Gmail in Google’s Regular Gmail app. But most of the features will not be integrated with Gmail. Users will miss its many popular features.


This app from Gmail was launched in 2014. This app was launched to increase productivity. This app was used specifically by users who received more e-mails during the day. Users could reply to e-mail via this app. In addition, users could also make bundles or bulk reply.

This app has also been removed from Google Play Store. Users have to make a lot of efforts to find it. If you also want to use this app and feature in the last days, then you will find it difficult to find this app on the Google Play Store.

However, Google is also integrating features such as auto reply and inline attachment in the Regular Gmail app. Users who will be able to use this app even after shutting down this app.