How to Change and Customize Your Blogger Template

How to Change and Customize Your Blogger Template

How to Change and Customize Your Blogger Template, Blogger like WordPress is also one of the most use blogging platforms now. Many people who can’t afford self-hosted WordPress blogs are considering to blog with Blogger. Blogger unlike WordPress doesn’t offer full customization of your blog, but offers some type of customization which is extremely important for your blog. Blogger offers Customization of your templates and also allows you to change the layout of your blog.

The template of your blog is the main element of your blog. The better the website looks, the better number of visitors. The template of a website gives the look and feel of the website. Nobody likes to visit a website with old fashioned template like the websites created in 80’s and 90’s.

Most of the user on the internet tend to go away of the website if they feel that the site doesn’t look good, or simply due to the loading time of your webpage. Loading time of your website is greatly influenced by your template. The loading time of the webpage is also needed to be taken into account while you are choosing your website template. So do, consider that your templates look great with the niche of your blog and also that the templates should not slow down your blog.

Today we will be talking about how to customize our Blogger Template.

How to Change and Customize Your Blogger Template

Here are the steps to customize the template of blogger:-

1) First go to or any other website and download your   template.

2) First log in to your blogger account by Visiting

3) Once your dashboard opens up click on templates and you will be redirected to your templates page, where you will be able to customize your template.

4) Now in the template page click on edit html to change your template.

5) Now your template will be shown as a html code and all you have to do is to simply clear all the data present on the page and open your theme with a notepad. you will observe that the template that you downloaded also contains same format of html coding, now simply replace the html code and click on the Save button.

6) After clicking on save, you will see that your blogger theme has been successfully changed.


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