How To Download Android Q In Simple Steps

By | April 22, 2019

Google’s new Android Q has been rollout for operating system users. It has been introduced in beta version. First of all, this update has been provided in Google Pixel Devices. It includes pixels 2, pixels 2xL, pixels 3,

pixels 3xl smartphones. If you also use a pixel smartphone, then you can also update Android Q. However, before this it is important to remember that before updating your phone, you must backup your data. Here we are telling you how to install and download Android Q in your phone.

Make this pixel smartphone a success Android beta version update:


Users must first go to
After this you have to enroll for the Android Beta program.
After enrolling, users will receive a notification. It will be written that your system is ready to update.
After this you will have an option of post install. After installing, you will have to reset the smartphone.
After this your Android smartphone will come in beta.
If you want to come back to your old version then go to the Beta website and click on the opt-out option. After this you will have an update during the next 24 hours. After this update, you have to reset the smartphone.

Android Q Beta:

The beta version of this new operating system has been rolled out as the official beta of Android Q. Google’s Vice President (Engineering) has told the App Developers about the main features of this operating system through their blog post. Android Q will be focused on additional privacy and security. App Developers This new operating system’s camera features like more 3D filters, customized Bokeh filters, etc. can be given in depth mode. Also, it will take less time to load the app.