How To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers

By | June 22, 2019

If you’ve been paying attention, YouTube has had a lot of controversy recently. Some high profile YouTube superstars have been flagrantly violating various terms of service, going viral, profiting from those violations, and then “apologizing” in a way that is both disingenuous and also monetized.

YouTube responds to the viral outrage by making changes to the platform, but time and again, those changes don’t do anything to the people violating the rules, but hurt small-time creators.

This most recent event – with the Logan Paul controversy involving a video that shows a dead body – led to a cascading intellectual failure in the YouTube leadership. Somehow, they decided to… institute rules that prevent many small-time channels from monetizing.

Image: Google Search

What Is The New Policy Of YouTube?

The New Policy/Criteria Of YouTube Requires Minimum 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hour Watch Time On Your YouTube Channel For Applying For The Monetization! Adaptation Is The Only Way Of Income For Small or Struggling YouTubers. On the off chance that You Want To Earn, Then You Have To Complete 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hour Watch Time On YouTube. Here I Have Written Some Working Ways To Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers Easily.


How To Get Our First 1000 Subscribers On Youtube

Guys, Getting Your first 100 Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel Is Not So Difficult Because You Can Easily Get Your First 100 Subscribers Through Your Friends And Relatives! Be that as it may, What About The First 1000 Subscribers? It Is Quite Hard But If You Achieved It Then You Can Easily Get Your 10,000 Subscribers and after that 1,000,000 Subscribers. Presently, Let’s Come To The Point. Here Are Some Working Ways-

Try To Increase Your Watch Time-

According To The New Algorithm Of YouTube, If Your Video Have Good Watch Time Then Youtube Will Definitely Show Your Videos On Others Suggestions. In the event that Your Channel Is Not Monetized, Then You Can Watch Your Own Videos! Ensure You Try To Watch Every Video Completely Through The Maximum Number Of Mobile Phone You Can. When Your Watch Time Increase Then Your Videos Will Come On Others Suggestions And Through That You Will Easily Get New Audiences And Also New Subscribers!

Upload Videos From Almost Every Category-

Yes, Try To Upload Videos On How Many Categories You Can! In the wake of Uploading Videos From Different Categories, Analyze Your Every Videos And Find That Category On Which Your Videos Goted Most Views! At that point Start Uploading Videos On Most Watched/Viewed Category.