How to Integrate Google Adsense With WordPress

How to Integrate Google Adsense With WordPress

Google adsense is one of the easiest ways to earn money out of your blog, Google adsense is one of the highest paying ad networks present on the internet. But many bloggers are unable to get their adsense approved for many reasons. We have already posted articles on how to get your adsense approved. If you want to read the article you can click the link below:-

How to Integrate Google Adsense With WordPress

If you have applied for google adsense and also passed out the first review than google wants you to put the Goole adsense code on your website so that they will review your website for the second time, this time google sends their specialists who will visit your website to check whether you have placed the adsense code correctly or not, moreover they would also review your website for compliance with their policies.

Many bloggers are getting confused on the second step because they can’t understand how to put the adsense code on their blog, and therefore we have written this article to help out bloggers who are unable to put adsense code on their website.

How To Put Google Adsense Code In A Self-Hosted WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the largest blogging platform with 60 million users (estimated) and therefore it has become compulsory for us to write this tutorial to put adsense code on a wordpress site. Here are very few simple steps to put adsense code on your blog.

1)      Log in to your Google Adsense Account.

First of all, to get your adsense code you will have to log in to your adsense account, and after you have successfully logged in your account click on “My Ads” on the top left of your screen.

2)      Create a new Ad Unit

After you have click on “My ads” you will to taken to another webpage asking you to create a new ad unit, simply Click on “New Ad Unit” and continue the process.

3)      Now Create your Desired Ad Size.

All you have to do now is to simply create the desired ad unit. And After Creating The ad unit Click On Save to get the Code.

4)      Getting the code

After clicking on save you be getting your adsense code like shown below. Simply Copy The Code And Log in to your WordPress blog. And all you have to do now is to paste the code into your blog. Now go widgets and find the Text Widget. Drag it into a widget-ready area. Paste your Adsense code and then click on the Save button. Your adsense ad should now be visible

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