How to Post a Comment on a Blog – Art of Commenting

How to Post a Comment on a Blog – Art of Commenting: Commenting is simply more than note of your acknowledgement or feedback to someone’s work but it is more like an art work. A good comment can fetch some real eyeballs i.e. visitors to your website and it is needless to tell, the relevancy of traffic to new weblog or website. So it is very important to write good comment and not mere a comment for the sake of simple back-link.

How to Post a Comment on a Blog

Here I have tried to explain, how to write good comments and how to fetch web traffic from your comments. Just hope you like and learn from this article about how to Post a Comment.

  1. Add Value to Your Comment

Does not comment to say simple thank you, for that purpose you can share that piece of work with your friends and you can tell them, how that thing helped you. But if you want to comment, add some value to your comment and give some additional information that author might have missed.

  1. Do not write Hate Comment

Any person on the earth, do not like hate comments about his or her work. If you really do not like something about author’s work, then instead of writing hate comment. Write about your dislikes in manner full way and suggest author, what has hurt you when you were stumbling down his work.

  1. Know What You are Talking About

Some people do not have any idea of what they are talking about, i mean they get out of the context of your work and talk about something else. Over the top, some have over the top suggestions like oh i haven’t tried this before but if  you do this, you can get much better result than this. Instead of posting such comments, save some time for topics that you know.

  1. Keep it Short

People have short attention span, and when you talk about people who uses internet, they have much more shorter attention span than normal people. So keep it short, and be concise. If you have something really complex to say which don’t bind in 20 or 30 words, write it down on your blog.

  1. Link Carefully When you Post a Comment

If you are posting links in your comments, just to drive traffic to your website. Think twice before doing this again. Yes, there is space for adding links in your comments, and you can add links to your website. But it shows your eagerness to drive traffic to your website. So do not post link in sake of driving traffic, as it can also lead you in to spam directory. But only link when you have something very relevant to the topic, which has not covered in the topic.

  1. Proofread

This is one area, where we don’t really once focus. But proofreading can make your comment more readable for people who like to read comments. And can give slight idea of your writing or work style.

  1. Over Commenting

Over Commenting is not like Spamming, but it can also land your comments in spam folder. I know, you are not spamming and you are actually making comments to provide real information. But over commenting can be taken as spam by AKISMET like system and some bloggers too. So control your speed.


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