List of Shortcut key of Computer

By | April 21, 2019

In today’s time, most people use computers or laptops, but very few people use shortcut keys, today we are telling you about eight shortcut keys which will make it easy for you to work in a computer or laptop. .

Read carefully and remember.
Most people use Ctrl + C to copy text, but any text can also be copied with the help of Ctrl + Insert.
If you have been running a lot of programs in your computer, then after pressing this command you will be able to see all tabs together and easily go into whatever type you want to go through.

Alt + F4
With this help you can close any program in your computer or laptop.

Window + D
With the help of this command, you can access your desktop directly. Very few people use this shortcut.


Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End
With the help of this command, you can use Ctrl + Home to go to the beginning of any document and Ctrl + End to move to the end.

Shift + Insert
With this help, you can post any text you copy, anywhere.

Ctrl + Y
While working in a computer or laptop, we often undo by pressing Ctrl + Z, if you happen to do so, you can redo it from Ctrl + Y.

Window + L
With this shortcut you can lock your computer. Let’s say that all these shortcuts are for Windows only.

By using all these shortcuts, you can increase the ability to speed up your work in computers and laptops.