Smart phone Advantages And Disadvantages

By | April 18, 2019

Know the 10 advantages and disadvantages of mobile, you will be shocked to know

As you all know, today mobile has become an essential part of our lives. If you ask someone about the benefits of mobile phones, then they will probably count on a lot of benefits. But only a few people will be able to tell about the losses. Mobile phones today have become the need of everyone, whether it be men, women working at home or children studying in school. In such a situation, we have many benefits from mobile, so many losses are due to mobile reasons. Let’s just look at them.

BenefitsThrough phone, you can contact anyone, even if the person is in any corner of the world.

You can carry a lot of data in your smartphone such as photos. EBooks Songs. Videos and yes with a selfie camera and also you do not need the MP3 player separately too.

If you have a good phone then you can record photos and videos at anytime and capture your superb moments in the camera. You do not even need to buy a separate digital camera for this.

Anywhere or anytime if you are a victim of an accident, you can call your family and friends with the help of a mobile phone, as well as arrange for the police and the hospital.

Your smartphone is a repository of knowledge. You can find answers to any of your questions from Google Baba in minutes.


Disadvantages :In the phone where a lot of features have come, our internet and office expenses also increased which puts extra burden on our pocket.

Today is the era of internet and social media. Where we pay more attention to virtual friends than our real friends. Due to such habit of youth, they have to face many serious mental problems.

We always carry our smartphone with us. Many research has shown that radiation emerging from mobile phones is very harmful for health.People using mobile phones become addicted to it.

In this way people start feeling uncomfortable without phone. They even feel unaware fear or nervousness that can take the form of a serious problem. Many people start having mental illusions like phantom rigings in which the person repeatedly feels like his phone is ringing.

Mobile can give you many serious diseases of diabetes, obesity and heart. Actually using late-screen gadgets will have a bad effect on your eyes and affect your sleep. This can lead to heart problems as well as obesity, and the eyes may cause blue eyes of Mayro Light Vision. According to research, the most harmful smartphone for the eyes is blue light or blue light.

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