Top 5 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks

Top 5 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks


Top 5 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks, Most bloggers today are confused about what they should use to earn more revenue from their blog. Should they use PPC networks or should they use CPM networks to monetize their blog to maximize revenue. First of all, let us explain you all about PPC and CPM networks. PPC stands for pay-per-click it is a kind of ad network that will pay you for the number of clicks on their ads, While CPM stand for Cost per Impression which means that you will be paid for every thousand impressions on your websites or blog, there are also other kind of ad networks like Pay per Action etc. Google AdSense pays you when there are some actions to be completed like filling up a form.

Whenever a visitors visits your website it generates an impression on your website example that if you have got 3000 visitors in a day and you are getting $1 per CPM then you will earn $3 for that day even if your visitor does not click on the ads, however if your visitor click on the ads then you will earn more.

Today, we have created a great list of websites that offer CPM ads for your blog or website but the requirements will differ from networks to networks.

 Top 5 High Paying CPM ad networks:

1: Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion is the most popular CPM ad network. They are popular because of their high CPM rates. However you should be having at least 500,000 unique users per month to apply for their publisher program.

2: CPX Interactive: CPX Interactive is the 6th fastest growing private US advertising company. CPX Interactive delivers true scalability and transparency.

3: Technorati Media: it is the largest social media ad network. They deliver targeted campaigns from the world’s top brands at very high CPM rates. Tenoratimedia has tied up with companies like Google, MSN, Yahoo and more.

4:  Burst Media – Burst Media also offers you with high CPM rates, high quality campaigns, and full control of your ads. The minimum requirement is 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views on you site

5:  Casale Media: Casale Media also offers high CPM rates; they also offers fixed CPM’s. Their minimum requirement is that your site must be getting at least 50,000 unique visitors each month.

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