Utilizing Facebook Effectively To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Utilizing Facebook Effectively To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns. Even the most ardent critics of Social networking must be eating humble pie now. They must agree that it is not a fad but that it is here to stay and what’s more, its sphere of influence is ever increasing. This is further evidenced by the growing popularity of social networking websites. These are sites on which people can connect with each other regardless of whether or not they know each other in the ‘real world’.

 Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

The ‘daddy’ of social networking sites is the increasingly ubiquitous Facebook. On Facebook, you can create a profile which carries as much information about you as you will like to make public, such as your school, educational background, place of work, age, address, hobbies, marital status, religion, phone number etc.  You can also choose who you make this information accessible to i.e. everyone or your Facebook friends or their own friends as well.

On the surface, it is just that-a social networking site, sort of like an online version of the latest club in town except this club caters to 600 million people rather than 40 to a hundred. However, it is also a marketers dream, more so an internet marketer. It is an ever increasing source of targeted leads.600 million leads which can be sub divided into locations, age -group, sex, hobbies, interests, religion to name but a few. Marketing has known nothing like this before- it is like the gold rush except, this time the gold is data in the form of qualified leads.

For instance, if your business’s target audience is women aged over 45, one of the most commercially profitable demographics in America, Facebook will make sure that your advertising dollars are spent on just them and not 25 year old unemployed males. This is as opposed to the hit and misses campaigns of old where you give out handbills and hops that 1% of them gets to women ages over 45 that actually need your product.

Not only will Facebook target your target audience wherever they are in the world based on almost any criteria, but they will make sure that your ads gets in front of their eyeballs again or at least give you the best chance of doing that than any other medium. There is also a plethora of tools that you can use to promote your goods/services. For instance you can create a custom Facebook page (businesses have pages, not profiles) to help you stand out from the crowd. Using RSS feeds, you can also syndicate your blog page to your page as well. You can hold polls, competitions and post videos as well,

On creating your Facebook page, you should invest the time in filling in as much information as possible about your business. This is the beginning of cultivating a relationship with your friends (fans of your page). It also makes it easier for them to promote your page to their friends by ‘liking’ it, thus increasing the reach of your brand.

Yet another great Facebook feature is that you can all sorts of applications (games are especially popular) to your  page. These applications are one more reason for people to visit your page and  tell other about it. While all this is happening, they are also learning about your products. I call it indirect Marketing Campaigns.

These are just some of the ways that you can leverage the traffic and tools of Facebook when growing your business. It is common knowledge that you go where the money is. Well, a sure sign of where the money is, is that there are people there. And it is impossible to get a more diverse congregation of people who have willingly given so much personal data about themselves and they are all within your click.

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