What is Domain Authority? And How to Increase Domain Authority? Learn

By | May 12, 2019

ANY new or old blogger wanted to do just that the post written on his blog appears on the first page of Google search engine when any body search it on Google but showing his blog on the first page in the search engine is not that easy. But it is not so difficult that all this depends on Search Engine Optimization. There are a lot of different factors when I look at SEO, but here we are talking about Domain Authority, What is DA and how to increase the Domain Authority of your blog?
“Domain authority”
This factor has now become the top and important factor of SEO. The more your website and blog’s domain authority (DA), the more search engines will give your blog the best rank. Your blog is on the top most list on search engines like Google.
If you are in the blogging field then you should know about it and think about increasing your domain’s authority. In this article you will get full information about this and you know everything about it .

What is Domain Authority?
Domain authority is a search engine grade ranking or score between 0-100. This grade are given by Moz, which is a popular company offering many SEO tools in the USA.
From the Domain score it looks like how likely is the rank of your search engine. The blog which has a higher score, the ranking will be higher.

For example , a website’s score is 30, and the second website score is 40 then website with 40 score have more higher ranking website search engine result pages (SERPs).

For example, you can see Wikipedia, whose DA score is 100 and its page is always at top in the search engine like Google.
Domain authority depends on many factors. If you are thinking that you have started the blog today and your blog’s domain authority will be 40 to 50 then this is not exactly possible

To increase the domain authority of the website, you have to work on SEO. Increasing the domain authority from 15 to 30 is very easy, but if you talk 65 to 75 or 75 to 85 then it is very difficult. it is not impossible but you can increase by focusing more on it .
Now you must have come to know what the DA is, so let me now tell you about how to “increase your domain and website domain authority”.

How to increase your blog’s Domain Authority?

To increase your DA score you have to make a great strategy by making your blog much better . You must write very good article on your blog and make patience in youself
For this, when you are writing content and after publishing it, there are some things to keep in mind that you can increase the authority of your domain. You must write good content so that your blog become famous and popular .

Now let me explain seven great ways to increase your Domain Authority.

1. Quality Content

The best way to increase domain authority is to publish high quality content, quality content is the only one.
If you do not do anything without writing quality content, it will not rank top in the search results and you will not get the traffic you want.

Also, when your readers come to your site and read your low quality content and they do not like it, they will never come back to your blog or website.
This articles will help you to write good content on your Blog

2. On-Page SEO
On-Page SEO is also important in increasing DA score. For this you have to pay attention to On-page optimization while writing a post and write the correct metadata of your website.

With the help of On-Page SEO, your DA will grow fast, On-Page SEO, which factors are what it is like.

Targeted keyword:
Keep your permalink and first paragraph from the keyword you want your post to be ranked. Most often focus on long tail keywords that are easily ranked.

Keyword density: Do not use the Focus keyword repeatedly, and if possible, keep it from 1.5 to 3%.

In the post permalink, you use the focus keyword. If the title of your post is “what is blog?” Then its structure should be something like https://example.com/blog-kya-hai/

Meta description:
Remember to fill in your Meta description and use your focus keyword in it.

Heading tags: Post I need to use Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) as needed.


Optimize Image:
Optimize the image you are adding to the post.
By focusing on this topic, you will be able to optimize SEO, for more information on On-Page SEO, you can read our article.

3. Internal Linking
Well-formed internal linking not only helps in increasing your domain authority but also allows you to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Whenever you write a post for this, add old posts links related to its content, the post makes it more informative and attractive.
The biggest advantage of this is that your user gets a chance to go from one post to another, which reduces the bounce rate.

4. Generate High Quality Backlinks
Here’s a clear written high quality backlink that means we are talking about making High Quality Backlinks.
If your DA is 31 and you are taking a backlink from the website of 20 DA, then this will not be of any use to you. Backlink builds from sites that have good domain authority.
Also link to a content related to your site’s content , do not create backlinks from a site that is not related to your site. Such as backlink to the health blog for tech blog
Many bloggers buy backlinks from low-quality backlinks from sites like Fiverr, which make the blog a reverse loss rather than benefit. Do not make the mistake of buying paid backlinks because it harms you rather than benefits.
It may seem a bit expensive but build itself backlink manually from the site itself, for example, to share your post on social media websites, the domain authority of almost all social sites is good.

5. Fix Broken Links
To maintain your site ranking in search engines it is necessary to fix or remove bad and malicious links from your website. If you do not do this, then your site rank will move low slowly.
This work is similar to creating quality backlinks, you have to fix broken links from all the posts on your site. You can use broken link checker plugin or broken link finder tools to find broken links.
Our articles will help you to find and remove bad link .so that your site ranking will go high.

6. Domain Age
The age of the domain helps to increase your site’s search ranking and domain authority. It means to say that if your site is 300 years old and has a regular update then it means that you are continuously publishing quality content on it.
That’s why if your site does not have spam then your site will rank well in google search results. But this does not mean that the site with the new domain will not rank in google.
Now you have to work quietly and continue to publish quality content as your domain’s age increases. Gradually your DA score will increase.

7. Regular Updates
Publishing quality content regularly on blogs is one of the best ways to increase domain authority. If you write continue post on your blog, then you do not have to worry about DA.
I know this is not easy but to get a good DA, you have to do this. Regardless updating, your DA will remain down.
If you focus on writing articles with quality content on your blog, your domain authority will automatically increase according to time.
There are many benefits to sharing regular posts, increase traffic on your site, your writing skills will also improve and you will get a lot to learn something new.

With these ways you can boost the domain authority of your blog, now let me tell you how to check your blog’s domain authority.
How to check your blog’s Domain Authority?
There are many tools available online for checking domain authority, which allows you to find the authority of your domain. But Moz Open Site Explorer tool is the best one for this.
For this you should follow these steps,
Visit the Moz Open Site Explorer tool.
Now add domain link to the search box.
Then search by clicking the Search button.
Here you can see that our site has domain authority 41 and page authority 40. If you follow the steps stated in this post, then your blog’s DA will also reach 40+.
In this way you can know the domain authority of your competitors’ website too.

As I mentioned above, you can not increase the domain authority one day, and I have also told you how to check the DA of your blog.
Remember that good domain authority means good ranking in search engine. All you have to do is keep writing good post on your blog regularly and be patient.

So the information we have shared with you here which will help you to easily increase the DA of your blog . If you like our given information, then definitely share it.